Kid tested yummy green smoothie

So my 3 year old will pretty much drink whatever I give her. She drinks all those super healthy, and sometimes really not tasty, green health juices. She will drink celery and spinach juice straight without blinking an eye! BUT my other 2 daughters are not quite as courageous as she is.

That is why we started making this delicious green smoothie that even kids love.

Kid tested yummy green smoothie

We love making this recipe. It’s so easy to make, it takes very little time and it’s easy enough for older kids to make all by themselves. Research has shown that involving your children in choosing and preparing food can increase their willingness to try new foods.

Have you ever wished you had the secret formula to getting your kids to eat raw spinach? Look no further! We use the following recipe as a base and then customize it with whatever we have available at the moment in our fridge or fruit drawer.

Ingredients to make a delicious and healthy green smoothie

Basic Green Smoothie Ingredients: (Makes about 500ml)
3 big handfuls Spinach
1 heaped teaspoon Almond butter
125ml Oat milk
10ml cold water
1 banana

How to make a yummy green smoothie? Just put everything in a container and blend it up
Making this green smoothie is as easy as putting everything in a jug and blending.

How to make your own delicious green smoothie that even your kids will love:
1. Add 3 big handfuls of spinach to any 1 liter container if you are using a stick blender. Or add directly to your normal blender.
2. Add 1 heaped teaspoon of almond butter.
3. Add 125ml oat milk.
4. Break the banana in pieces and add on to the mixture. The one liter container should be getting quite full by now, but just push everything down if necessary.
5. Add 10ml of water.
6. Blend very well.
7. Check consistency. If it’s too thick, add a little more water or oat milk.
8. Keep blending until you get the desired consistency.

Some tips for making your smoothie:
* Make sure your spinach is washed properly before adding it. No one likes a crunchy smoothie.
* When adding the almond butter, try to put it in the middle of the spinach, because when it sticks to the side of your container you’ll need to scrape it down.
* You can also use ANY other nut butter of choice. Peanut butter also works very well with banana as well. I find that almond butter is quite neutral so the smoothie doesn’t taste like a nut butter smoothie.
* Oat milk can be replaced with any other milk alternative like rice milk or coconut milk.
*If you don’t want to make a vegan smoothie, you can even add normal milk or yogurt for some extra punch.
* Add as much water as you want. We like a thicker smoothie but I find that the banana makes it very sweet so the water helps to reduce the sweetness a little.

Tropical green smoothie with pineapple and coconut water

This base recipe works well with so many combinations, so try out some other fruit too!
We have made a peanut butter and banana smoothie that is incredibly nice. Add a teaspoon of cocoa powder and you have a delicious chocolate smoothie.
Other fruit to add as extras can be apples, strawberries or pineapple. Another fantastic combination we made recently is a Pineapple based smoothie. Make the basic green smoothie and add as much pineapple as you like, and swap the oat milk for coconut milk for a nice tropical flavour.

Here’s to having healthy kids! May your kids love this smoothie as much as mine do!

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